quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

casamento de hipodamia

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Rene Fijten disse...

No idea what this is, but it looks very intriguing.

Beá Meira disse...

About the title: Do you know the Hipodamia wedding, an ancient greeck mithology? It was a wedding from Lapitas people. They invited the centauros for party. The centauros drunk a lot and tried to rape women and boys. There are sculptures on the Phartenon´s metopas about this history that call centauromaquia.
About the image: I had been in a wedding last saturday night and I got some crazy manual fotos, from the swimming pool and the ships on the harbor.

Rene Fijten disse...

No, I did not know the story, but I knew about a sculpture with a centaur abducting a woman. Interesting.