terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2009


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nossa, beá, lembrei do projeto duplas!!

Beá Meira disse...

Bê, você lembrou desta figura. Um coreógrafo americano que foi pintado pelo Keith Haring. Acho que ele fazia dupla com alguma coisa.

Marty Harris disse...

So grateful that you joined this group. Your images are always a happy surprise.

Love your Māori warrior. That's what he looks like to me.....and the mystery of the well.

Beá Meira disse...


The Maori warrior has been inspired in a famous fotography of Bill T. Jones painted by Keith Harring in 1983.
The weel is really a mystery, it arose from the dogs motion. I guess they are looking for some thing.
Did you see this image up,
"Essay about USA"?