sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009


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Rene Fijten disse...

Nice drawing, this is the Ernesto Neto object?
There was an article in my newspaper yesterday of a Brizilian art exposition in Rotterdam, with a beautiful Neto object. The article was called "delicate discovery journey". They were enthousiastic on Sao Paulo's art scene. I'll sent it to you by mail.

Beá Meira disse...

Hi, Rene

Yes, this is Anthropodino. I´ve got about 50 drawings, but I will give all of them to Ernesto. I just take this one for the blog.
Yes I know about this exibition, must be good, because is a coletive exposition and have architecture, design and art. The best we can show.
Thank for send me the news, is there any link for the newspaper news?